Accelerated Program Completion

Managing projects to market with success

Sirrom Limited helps you mitigate your risk for large complex programs. With over 100+ years in manufacturing and operations experience and over 50+ years in program management experience, we have the expertise to help govern your program from inception to launch.

We launch complex projects and products in highly efficient and timely manners.  Our Process is unique. We break down the silos amongst all internal suppliers, and provide hyper-focus on every critical path to mitigate risk. With our early warning system, we quickly identify any issues. No investment is required, simply capitalize on our service until you launch and then we part ways.  

Sirrom Limited is based in Canada, with technical program managers also based in the United States and the United Kingdom.

What We Do


  • Engagement of all stakeholders, drilling down to all suppliers
  • Deliverables, critical paths, and milestones are linked with all stakeholders
  • Weekly tasks are generated for all stakeholders
  • Weekly reports are generated to view the health of the project
  • Eliminates silo impact of traditional program management
  • Master Plan Program Management Services in all internal and external stakeholder/suppliers
  • Our team supports internal stakeholders, allowing capacity to open up for our clients.
  • Consolidated Master Plan Services are tailored for all types of manufacturing, construction and building applications, gaming development, movie & television productions, government projects, and aerospace.

Additional Services

  • Technical engineering and procurement support for the supply base.

Our Team

Brian Paul Morris

Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

Brian Paul has over 10 years of experience in the automotive sector and five years of experience as a Managing Director in the Legal sector. During his time at Magna Int., and Van-Rob Inc., he helped develop new systems and cost saving initiatives. As a Launch Consultant and Program Manager, Brian Paul has been able to assist various GM Suppliers over the years with detailed programs that identify critical paths within a sophisticated fast track software application.

Additionally, Brian Paul spent three years as the Executive Director for the Minister of Housing in Ontario. He has an extensive background in Canadian Politics, and has been a major donor for “Inn From the Cold”. Brian Paul has an MBA in Sustainable Commerce from the University of Guelph, a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminology from Carleton University, an Honour’s Diploma from Seneca College, and a P1 Law licence from the Law Society of Ontario.

Brian Morris

President & Co-Founder

Brian is an experienced manufacturing executive with more than 25 years of progressive management and mechanical engineering experience. As a visionary leader, he has transformed technologically sophisticated manufacturing businesses with visionary methodologies. This is supported by a friendly and consultative yet assertive relationship-based approach to affecting change.

Brian’s ability to build and develop teams at all levels in the organization has resulted in successful launches of Greenfield sites.

His careful application of recognized approaches to research development process management and manufacturing strategy have yielded positive results for engineering- and manufacturing-based companies in the United Kingdom, United States, and Canada. He has researched, developed, and implemented agreements among international manufacturing partners, doing business in China, Korea, United States, United Kingdom, and Canada.

As group president of Stackpole Ltd. Canada, a division of Tompkins, PLC, Brian’s efforts were rewarded with a Canadian innovation Award for Productivity Improvement (Lean) by the Canadian Manufacturers and Export Association (CME) in 2006.

Michael Staples

Vice President of Operations
Michael has over 27 years experience in the automotive industry with Magna, Van-Rob, and Stackpole.  He is exceptionally hands-on, technical, and highly analytical Project & Engineering Director with a solid background in developing, maintaining, and completing engineering and manufacturing projects. Intuitive leader directing teams in ever-changing environments through collaboration and transparency.

Technically sophisticated with expertise in product development, Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma, cost and risk analysis and management, outlining engineering scope, change management, contractor management, budget planning, stakeholder management, KPI management, and system integration.

Acknowledged for standardizing asset performance, reliability, and automation strategies to support 21 manufacturing plants across Canada. Obtained Maple Leaf Annual Olympus Award in acknowledgement for delivering winning results by accepting possibility of failure and meeting challenging targets.

Dedicated and qualified project leader in possession of several professional development certifications. I am keen on leveraging my project engineering and leadership skills and experience in developing high performing teams to achieve long and short-term organizational goals.

Ryan Slawson

Supply Chain Manager

Ryan has over 12 years of experience in the legal world and 4 years in the automotive manufacturing industry.

He has assisted our clients’ suppliers with a variety of issues that can hinder a project’s success. His ability to remain proactive with effective communication and tracking systems, he has been successful in avoiding delays before they can affect major milestones and ensure programmes launch on time or ahead of schedule.

Dedicated to assisting various purchasing departments, he can add value in alleviating the burden a customer may have in obtaining long lead items. Additionally, he can support free issues items, and track logistical hurdles before they can affect the critical path.

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