Accelerated Program Completion

Managing projects to market with success


The complexity of creating a new world virtually is no small feat. We understand the complexity of the gaming industry and the challenges it faces when launching a new game to market on time. From game concept to game design, and from storyline to production design, there are hundreds of critical paths that can derail success.

In order to mitigate the risk, hyper-focus is needed to ensure a project remains on time. We can manage the program timeline efficiently with our unique process. This allows internal program managers to devote their time to focus on quality control. Each department team will receive weekly reports, in order to focus on what tasks need to be completed, to keep the game launch in line with the targeted milestones.

Every week, we evaluate the progress of those tasks to ensure where resources need to be deployed and keep everything on track. Software engineers should not be the ones connecting with their supply base to find out things are going to be late on the delivery date.

We proactively connect with your supply base and any other stakeholder that could jeopardize your launch date. We can identify issues with early warning systems, and provide you with real-time data and reports so you know what needs to be addressed.

What We Do


  • Engagement of all stakeholders, drilling down to all suppliers
  • Deliverables, critical path and milestones are linked with all stakeholders
  • Weekly tasks are generated for all departments and suppliers.
  • Weekly reports are generated to view the health of the project
  • Eliminates silo impact of traditional program management
  • We free up capacity for internal program managers, and software engineers.
  • We proactively meet with your supply based weekly, to ensure days are banked and not lost.
  • Can provide instant impacts from any changes to game design to allow decision makers to make best decisions.
  • Program Management of Complex Multiple Project Plans from all departments and supply base.


  • Procurement support for supplier base

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