Accelerated Program Completion

Managing projects to market with success

Automotive Programs

Sirrom has over 100+ years of Tier 1 automotive experience, and can support any program launch that requires complex and large volume launches that supports OEM’s. Sirrom program management has overseen 500 million+ USD in automotive programs to date.

Our support not only lies within hyper-focused unique process, we can support:

  • complex programs with technical engineering support
  • assistance with supply chain procurement issues
  • the creation of PFEMA stamping plans

What We Do


  • Engagement of all stakeholders, drilling down to all suppliers
  • Deliverables, critical path, and milestones are linked with all stakeholders
  • Weekly tasks are generated for all stakeholders and suppliers.
  • Weekly reports are generated to view the health of the project
  • Eliminates silo impact of traditional program management
  • We free up capacity for internal program managers and engineers
  • We proactively meet with your supply based weekly, to ensure days are banked and not lost.
  • We can provide instant impacts from Engineering Changes (ECN), to allow decision makers to make best decisions.
  • Consolidated Plan Program Management Services for OEM Automotive Manufacturers, Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers.
  • Program Management of Complex Multiple Assembly Lines, for high volume Electric Vehicles (EV) and Hybrid Manufacturing.

Additional Services

  • Offer PFEMA support for Forming and Assembly productions.
  • Technical Engineering and Procurement Support for the supply base
  • Technical Support can be tailored to program specifications (Presses, Laser Welding, Paint Lines)

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